About Us

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Our Club Philosophy

Boulder Water Polo was founded in 2013 by a group of non-water polo playing parents who were awed by the positive impact that water polo was having on their children’s athleticism, self esteem and social lives, and who wanted to create a supportive and healthy environment that would be able to grow with them. 

The number one priority at Boulder Water Polo is to provide positive, fun and age/skill level-appropriate coaching that will translate into continuous improvement for all players.  Our coaches work closely with each and every player to help them achieve whatever their personal goals may be. 

Pursuant to our mission, we are dedicated to increasing awareness of, and accessibility to, youth water polo in Colorado by building partnerships with likeminded organizations in the community.  We greatly value the support of the CU Men’s and Women’s Club Water Polo Teams, the YMCA of Boulder Valley, Fairview High School, and Colorado Water Polo (the largest age group club in the State), and we will continue to embrace and encourage collaboration that promotes the health and wellbeing of our youth.